About Us

Dominick & Sons Monument Works, LLC is Eastern Connecticut's source for all things stonework, serving the community for 30 years by greating elegant, unique memorials, decorations, and home/garden accents.

Our business began in 1982 when Terence Dominick Sr. began making monuments himself on a small, local scale. Before long, the word had spread and Terence began to devote all of his time to his business carving monuments. Initially, he worked out of his home office, but soon business picked up enough that an in-town office became a must. For three decades now Dominick & Sons, Inc. has created elegant, unique monuments for people all over New England. Also a licensed funeral director for 32 years, Terence is knowledgeable in meeting the needs of the families he serves.
At Dominick & Sons, we believe a monument should cost no more than a family can afford.