Our Services

Dominick & Sons Monument Works, LLC. provides a wide range of services to bring you unique, high-quality stone monuments and keep them beautiful.

Monument Styles

Dominick & Sons offers many different styles of monuments to choose from. Our selections include (but are not limited to):

§    Upright Style

§    Slant

§    Beveled Hickey Marker

§    Single Flush

Additional Options

Colors and Sizes:

We can supply you with your choice of numerous colors and sizes.

Lettering Selection:

We also carry a large selection of carvings and lettering fonts to meet every family's likes.

Labor & Installations

We also provide to our families all aspects in labor from foundations to installations.
Every monument is custom-designed to your specifications, needs and desires. All are handcrafted by the finest artisans in the industry. Professional installation is the final step in the process.

Cleaning & Sandblasting

When an existing memorial has already been erected and future inscription needs to be added, we offer a complete sandblast service.
Over time, like anything else exposed to the elements, memorials become dirty and need attention.

In Connecticut, we will service
Any Monument in Any Location in Any Cemetery with our self-contained cleaning equipment to restore your monument to its original beauty.